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titiana5 [userpic]

Economics and how it is keeping me busy

April 24th, 2010 (10:34 pm)

I am feeling: accomplished

            This weeks topics included supply and demand, the invisible hand and how it leads to the market equilibrium, and how price floors and ceilings affect the market.  I have been reading about the Cornification of food (Michael Pollan 1) and how it is affecting America’s general access to food.  The health implications are valid but after learning that these are related to subsidies the American government has given to the industry I took an even closer look.  Corn/feed subsidies are given to farmers to insure there income is stable.  So if the market equilibrium values corn at $3.85/bushel but the price floor for corn $4.00 then we as tax payers foot in the extra $.15/ bushel.  This keeps the farmers paid and our local markets full of cheap corn.  This provides a surplus but why do we keep this surplus open.  Is it just to have cheap food?  After reading Michael Pollan’s article I was starting to see this as a capitalistic issue where the big businesses that rely on corn are keeping corn prices low by lobbying the government.


            Could that be the end of the story?  Step back, away from out boarders and look at the affects this cheap corn has on the world market.  For countries like China, Brazil, European Union EU2, who can compete by subsidizing their own agricultural markets, this is not a problem(2).  However, less wealthy countries like Mexico, cannot compete.  The market does not support their farms and their residents have lost work.  They travel north to America to work as illegal immigrants. 


            After looking beyond Mexico the excess is sold as “food aid” on credit to foreign countries.  It is also used as aid to our military troops stationed in foreign lands (Health in Society Rose Wietz).  With these uses of our agricultural goods it is hard for me to truly place value on one bushel of corn.  If a good is used as a bartering tool the value goes beyond dollars and cents, it becomes it’s own type of coin.  A simple product like corn has been divided into several beneficial commodities.  Food for us, foreign aid (as a commodity it translates to power not just money), cheap food for our military stationed world wide, and finally our own capitalistic businesses that prosper with low cost resources.  So how do you value this type of subsidy?  Is an extra 15 cents cheap to feed our military to protect us overseas?  


1 http://www.alternativeradio.org/programs/POLM001.shtml

2 http://deltafarmpress.com/legislative/crop-subsidies-0511/

titiana5 [userpic]

T times

November 1st, 2009 (08:57 am)

I am feeling: calm

I have been moving around quite a bit this month and I am feeling better and better about my new view. 
I am now single and getting used to living in my own space and trying not to talk too my cat too much.  Though I think that is a bit better than talking to myself.
Right now I am off to church to exercise my vocal cords:)

titiana5 [userpic]

I am melting

July 29th, 2009 (06:39 pm)

I am feeling: hot

We broke 100*F in Edmonds and I have had this new heat induced headache three times today.  If I could just pass out I would this is just soo wrong. 

I am moving tomorrow and hoping I can get my AC set up in the new apartment.  If not tomorrow then Friday.  I hate moving and this impromptu scorching of my little suburb is not helping at all!!

titiana5 [userpic]


July 28th, 2009 (10:36 pm)

I am just too too hot and tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer.  Who has ice?

titiana5 [userpic]

T Times

February 28th, 2009 (09:22 am)

I am feeling: chipper

So I started my morning with a bowl of GoLean and some old Daily show reruns.  Checked out 24 (cspan) and the Black Caucus was having a conference.  They have a new book outlining their political agenda and how you can help make it happen.  I may be vanilla but I would like an issue because I think most of our political goals are the same.  Maybe Obama's team has a "playbook" of their own, I should ask my local Dems if they have a checklist of hows and whens.

I just woke up and am feeling great after my last T treatment.  I need to get ready for my SHIBA conerence next week.

titiana5 [userpic]

T Times

February 27th, 2009 (09:02 pm)

I am feeling: chipper

My new favorite news program is the Rachel Maddow  show.

I am very impressed with President Obama's first few months in office. He has held up to his promises of closing Guantánamo Bay, ensuring equal pay for equal work for women, being a new president with new ideas of transparency (WWW.recovery.gov), he even understands the Internet! I just saw his proposed budget on the agenda listed at the official White House website. Now I know the spending to get out of this recession, or what some say is the beginning of a depression, is mind boggling but the projects this new bill has look good to me. They are new ideas that should bring us into the 21st century.

On a positive note I was amazed at the news that Ford has actually opened a new plant that is focusing on green vehicles.  Ford is the only American car manufacturer who did not receive any stimulus money. I also saw an unnamed bank CEO? offer to except only one dollar as payment for one year. oh if that were so! I really wish that more financial institutions really owned up for what they did. It would be nice if we could see that people who were in charge of an appropriate lending practices were actually disciplined and even fired.

Well I'm tired of fighting MacSpeech to edit my inappropriately worded blog entry. 

Hope to see you tomorrow.

titiana5 [userpic]

Say no to Rick Warren!!

December 18th, 2008 (10:22 pm)

I am feeling: shocked

Obama: Stand Up for Gay Americans, Say No to Rick Warren

I just heard about this new addition to the inauguration in January.  If you are looking for a way to let President elect Obama know why Rick Warren is not the best pastor to hold the invocation of this new presidential term please access the link above:)

titiana5 [userpic]

Newsweek - Recent Magazines

December 13th, 2008 (10:35 am)

Amazing article!! Finally the truth is written

titiana5 [userpic]

T times

November 7th, 2008 (12:29 am)

I am feeling: happy

I was so happy to watch the election news on the fourth. I just finished reading Sarah Waters book The  Nightwatch. after reading the book I picked up a lot of stuff that I missed from listening to it on  CDo.  Although I have to say I really did miss hearing the British accent spinning the tales of Britain during World War II. I'm very amazed at how Sarah could tell a story with so many  time period changes. I heard there it that is a style that many writers use to create their novels. After thinking about that I thought that I would go back and add history and futures to many of the very short stories that I have collecting dust. 

I just got my new software, MacSpeech, it is even better than the NaturallySpeaking Dragon software I use to my PC. They writes really well  here online but for some reason I cannot get it to work on my Microsoft Word program. Though the dictation is very accurate in Word it only types in cap's. I thought it would have to use their notepad and copy and paste anything that I wanted to write online. But I'm really having no problem dictating into this live journal post. Yay for me!

 wow it's one o'clock I guess I need to sign out for the day. See you guys tomorrow? G

titiana5 [userpic]


November 4th, 2008 (10:28 pm)

Hope is alive and well and I will sleep very well tonight!  YEAH!

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